Facta, non verba!



Law company "Vasyukov Ostapyuk and Partners" was established by a team of professionals who has extensive experience in solving complex legal problems

The company's mission is to provide high quality and professional services to our clients, based on long-term cooperation, on mutually beneficial and equal terms.

The company's goal: protecting the interests of clients, prevention of occurrence and solution of their problems.

Principles of the company:

Quality. This is one of the criteria by which a client can assess a law company. We understand the price of lawyer’s mistakes. That is why one of the most important principles of our activity, we consider the quality of performed services, which is the key to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. We guarantee the quality!

Legitimacy. We act, respecting the legislation, facilitating the approval and practical realization of the rule of law.

Efficiency. For our company, it is important to provide clients with effective solutions, the implementation of which will lead to the expected result. Efficiency is the optimization of financial costs as well, which allows the client to minimize expenses.

Professionalism. We know how important is the effective and efficient solution proposed by a professional. Therefore, attorneys – practitioners of relevant specialization – solve tasks and problem issues of our customers. We attract professionals only. Our customers can be assured of the highest professional level of legal services.

Responsiveness and timeliness. Accepting the client's order, we provide the shortest possible time of its implementation, in a timely manner preventing of occurring the adverse consequences for the client.

Independence. Customer interest is the main interest for us. We do not compromise, if there is the slightest risk of a negative impact on customer interest.

Loyalty to the client. The company aims to work closely with the client. We do not just carry out his instructions, we "play party" with him.

Confidentiality. It is a necessary and essential prerequisite of trust partnership between our company and the customer, without which proper provision of legal aid is impossible. We guarantee the confidentiality of any information obtained by our company from the client, and about the client (in particular, his identity), or other persons in the execution of the order.