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Our company provides development of situational schemes of tax payments optimization, the organization of taxation system for the timely analysis of tax consequences of various management decisions.

Tax aspects play an important role in making any business decisions. The focus is on providing high quality consultations regardless of the complexity of tasks and considering all innovations of dynamic tax laws.

Today's economic environment in Ukraine and the tax sphere are different from those that existed a few years ago due to the continuous improvement of tax legal relations and tax legislation, the increasing effectiveness of the competent authorities of Ukraine in the field of taxation.

The ever-growing number of complex cross-border agreements on mergers and acquisitions, significant financial and investment projects requires tax support, which meets modern requirements.

Our services in this field, among others, include:

- Conducting court disputes with the tax inspection authorities;

- Preparation of written objections to acts of inspections;

- Support of tax audits;

- Preparation of replies to requests

- Assessment of the tax consequences of proposed transactions and investment projects;

- Provision of consultations.