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We are ready to assist with any projects in the real estate and construction sphere in any part of the country.

We take into consideration not only the legal but also administrative, fiscal, technical and commercial aspects of land allotment, construction and maintenance of built-up objects.

Our experts carry out coordination of work and cooperation with the auditors, engineers, marketers and government agencies.

Also, our experts will help in resolving issues concerning the restructuring of debt financing, optimization of taxation and changes of design documentation. Special attention is given to the real estate legalization, construction / reconstruction legitimation, and solution of other situations.

The team of our firm includes the best experts in the sphere of land legal relationship. Features of regulation of land legal relationship in Ukraine allow to distinguish them in separate practice. At the same time land legal relationship are, as a rule, closely connected with such branches, as real estate and construction, agriculture, manufacture, infrastructure projects, and other branches of real economy.It demands from our experts an integrated approach to the solution of the questions connected with the land, as an asset or means of production.

Our services in this field, among others, include:

- The purchase and sale of real estate;

- Renting of real estate;

- Provision of consultations.