Facta, non verba!



Intellectual property is a strategically important resource, cost and scope of which continue to rise. Even now it is estimated that the total intangible assets of legal entities around 60% are objects of intellectual property. The use of intellectual property can generate income not only from the direct exploitation, but also from the sale, lease, exchange, etc.

Features of intellectual property determine its availability for use and income generation to general public. Protection of intellectual property is becoming increasingly essential for business success.

In the field of intellectual property, our customers can use the following services:

- Audit of the status of intellectual property protection, the development of management strategies in the field of intellectual property rights;

- Offer and tax planning in the field of information technology and intellectual property;

- Design of the protection of intellectual property, particularly for new products;

- Recommendations on the protection of information and compliance with laws guaranteeing the confidentiality of private life;

- Promotion advertising, print publications, activities related to television and radio broadcasting, online publications;

- Assistance in the registration of intellectual property both in Ukraine and abroad;

- Legal support of court cases and enforcement of decisions on protection of intellectual property rights;

- Settlement of disputes regarding intellectual property, in particular on counterfeit goods;

- Consulting on the transfer of rights to intellectual property through licensing and other agreements, deals, M & A, joint ventures.